Summer Driving Tips: How to Travel Safely on Your Next Family Road Trip

June 29th, 2020 by

Traveling over the summer comes with its fair share of headaches. Continue reading to learn how to prevent or avoid common issues that could affect your next summer road trip. 

Tips to Help You Travel Safely This Summer

Prevent Common Car Troubles

With the winter season finally behind us, it can be easy to let your guard down regarding inclement weather. However, summer can bring sudden, torrential rain which can cause a loss of traction, especially if your tires are bald. And speaking of tires, according to AAA, summer brings a much greater risk of blowouts, especially to worn tires. The heat from outside causes the air inside the tires to expand which puts added pressure on the weaker parts of the tires. 

Other common car troubles experienced during summer heat include a dead battery or an overheated engine. And while air conditioning is not vital to the function of your car, there is nothing worse than a long car ride dripping in sweat. To avoid these, and other potential car problems, schedule a quick inspection. Our team at the Land Rover service center will be happy to help. 

Share the Road

Summer brings cyclists, motorcycles, and runners to already busy roads. Teen drivers who are still learning the basics will be out on summer break. People visiting your town on vacation may not know the roads as well as the locals. All of these reasons make it more important than ever to pay attention to who you might be sharing the roads with, and to minimize distractions whenever possible. 

Plan for Heavy Traffic

We’ve all found ourselves stuck in gridlock traffic on our way to an important deadline. Summer is a very popular time for road construction and repair which means you may find yourself facing unexpected delays. As you make plans to travel this summer, give yourself a little extra wiggle room. Doing so will remove the temptation to speed or drive less responsibly to your destination. If you have young passengers in tow, try to keep an emergency supply of snacks and entertainment ready to ensure they can cope with the extra time in the car. 

Schedule a Quick Inspection in Fort Pierce, FL

While you may not be able to avoid every potential headache on the road this summer, you can avoid several by scheduling a quick tune-up at Land Rover Treasure Coast. Our team will ensure everything is in working order before your first road trip. If you’re in the market for a new car, we have an impressive inventory of new Land Rover cars for sale as well. Give us a call or drop by our dealership today to get started.

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