How Do You Sanitize Your Car?

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Keeping a car clean is one thing, but how do you disinfect and sanitize a car? The answer is especially important these days. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Sanitize Your Land Rover

Find the right disinfectant

Bleach products can go a long way in disinfecting your home, but they can cause irreversible damage to your car. Leave the bleach at home and instead purchase a solution of at least 70% isopropyl alcohol. This solution is the secret weapon used by car manufacturers and car assembly plants alike.


Spray the solution on the surfaces of your car paying special attention to commonly touched areas such as seats, the steering wheel, door handles, and infotainment system. Wipe off with a clean terry cloth which is far more gentle on the soft surfaces of your car than disposable paper towels. 

Bring out the vacuum

Improving the air quality in your car goes a long way to protecting the lungs of you and your passengers. Over time, particles from mud, dirt, and food become embedded in the floor of your car. These particles eventually break down and become airborne as passengers move about the cabin. 


Remove these potential allergens and particles with a vacuum cleaner to immediately improve the air quality within your car while also removing any stale or unwanted smells. Be sure to wear a dust mask or a face covering to avoid inhaling these particles as you clean. 

Check the air filters

Air filters are the forgotten heroes of a car’s HVAC system. Before entering the cabin of your car, outside air must pass through these air filters, which will keep particles such as dust and pollen from entering your car. If the filters become clogged then they become ineffective, thus lowering the breathing quality of the air within your car. 


If you are unsure of how to clean or replace the air filters, our team at the Land Rover Service Center will be happy to take care of this step for you. 

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